How to Enter the Lab

To enter the lab, navigate to the collection page look through to see the products you have, and furthermore select the Filters to discover the product you need, when you select the product you will see the start design button click on this button This is Step 1 to open a Design Studio.

Updating the font

To create your own design you can navigate to the Create your design area and begin decorating your product by choosing from the option Add Text, in this section you can add text & select whatever font you want to use to your product with the built-in Text Function.

Adding Images

You can decorate your product by adding a custom image, select whether to show in its original colors or add some extra color, select from inbuild features to show with a white background or not, you can also copy & paste the decorated image and save your design.

The next screen will show your current product all available sizes you can add quantities to the sizes to get the price summary for your decorated product and quantities. This is a way to see a quoted price immediately after decoration. After editing the quantities, click on Add to Cart if you wish to purchase the product 

Note: If you have designed the product for both the front and back then an additional price of $5 will be charged for each quantity.

Changing the Color Scheme

You can change the color scheme for your selected clip art or selected designed templates or your custom uploaded images. 

Using Licensed Artwork

Your uploaded artwork is safe, secure, and remains your property.By uploading your artwork you agree to our image upload terms and acknowledge that you have full legal rights to use the images you upload.

Changing Cloth Color

 If you want to change the product color, then you can make color selections from available colors located at the bottom of the design studio

Replacing Images

You can replace images for your decorated product by adding a new image and replace it in your selected print region

Adjusting Template Designs

To adjust the template design navigate to the template page and scroll through to see the all the available templates and select the design you want to check by click on deign now button default product will show your selected design

Change product from the design studio

On the off chance that you need to change to another product you can tap on change product it will explores you to the collection page from where you can choose product which you need to decorate and begin decoration using design studio.

The Designer experience is now complete! Continue Shopping for more decorated products.

View your Cart

You can view your designed or decorated product in cart page if you have designed only front or back it will show an only single image with side name at the top of the image and if you have designed both front & back it shows both designed images with their side name at the top of the product image. 

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