Simply Cool, Custom Gear

Our Mission

Whether you’re off to the islands for a reunion or hitting the field with the team, we understand that the feeling of family, friendship, comradery, and community is special. At Gear Republic, our goal is to provide the ability for anyone to capture those moments with the creation of custom apparel that gets the troops HYPED. We invite you to join our family and grow as we do, because we’ve got you covered with killer gear for any occasion.

Quality Design

Hands down, we have the #1 design template library in the world. Carefully curated by our team of artists.

Quality Garments

The design is half the battle. We supply the best garments from the best brands to combine comfort with cool

Quality Service

From our decoration methods to our customer service, we do everything methodically in the USA

What Drives Us

At Gear Republic we are athletes, volunteers, parents, students and all around incredibly social folks who love to wear cool custom gear. When we started the brand, we all agreed that there was no single site out there that offered a truly enjoyable user experience that makes creating and buying gear for groups easy and fun. So in 2019 we decided to fix that and create!

We are a laid back group and wanted to create a brand that conveys that laid back comfortable vibe. Custom gear is all about community and we want you to become a part of our own. We love to hear from you and see the cool designs you have created, so please share them on our Instagram Feed @GearRepublicUSA. Every month we give a group a $500 credit on GearRepbulic.comfor the coolest gear of the month, maybe that’s you!

Gear Up

Join the Gear Republic family and take part in the fun. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the cool new designs we add monthly.